Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travel tips

When travelling steal every hotel shower cap that you can find. These come in really handy for storing shoes in your suitcase, they fit well, they are see through so you can see what shoes you are getting and they are easy to put the shoe in and out of.

If you are travelling long haul try to ensure that you keep your hydration levels up. You can use things like Nestle Resorb, or even Gastrolyte (I don't recommend Powerade or things like that). I take one every couple of hours. Also, definitely avoid alcohol as it will dehydrate you and one drink in the air is apparently like 3 on the ground.

For my skin I like to carry BioOil on board with me and every hour or so I just re moisturise my face and my hands.

Love your suitcase but it doesn't have a divider? A piece of cardboard makes an excellent divider and helps keep your clothes organized and neat as you are able to lay them out flat on the cardboard. It also makes airport inspections a lot less of a hassle as you can lift out your divider with clothes on top easily.

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