Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Need Space?

Sometimes it seems that no matter how much storage space you have, you always more stuff than you can fit it.

It's also incredibly annoying to have to drag everything out just to get to that one thing you need at the back.

Here are a couple of my storage tips:

1. Wrapping paper

Is your wrapping paper just sitting in a cupboard up against a wall getting knocked about each time something new goes in?

Go to the top of your cupboard. Hang string from one side to the other ( or ribbon, wire or whatever you choose) - maybe 2 sections of it. Ensure it is fastened securely.

Avoid the light - give it enough space - nothing worse than a fire.

This creates a sort of open hanging shelf. Place rolls on ribbon - easy and out of the way - plus you will be able to see easily what you do and don't have in the way of wrapping paper.

2. Make up storage 

Back when I was dancing ballet we used to do a lot of performances. You always had to lug around so much make up. 

I personally like to have a selection of make up for different occasions, weather, moods. However, I absolutely hate it cluttering up my drawers or worse on the top of a cabinet or in the bathroom where I have to lug everything off and then pile it back on again.

There are a couple of options. For people with heaps and heaps of make up - you could try using a fish tackle box which is what we used for dancing. this has heaps of space, and little slots, and is easy to carry around.

The bonus is also that you can open it up and tier it so that you can see everything that you have in the way of makeup.

The second one - which I am doing while travelling is just plastic crayon / pencil boxes from the dollar store which I write on the lids what is in them and then can just stack them in my drawer - to be brought out when I need them.

For my make up brushes I look for cool champagne glasses - the one below I bought for $2 and then I put them on my dresser - its funky and means I can see all my brushes in one go.

3. Glad wrap and foil boxes

Grab a binder holder and line those bad boys up in it . This way you can store in a cupboard, see from the top which one is which AND you get a whole extra drawer!

4. Shoe Storage

I've recently thought of this one but haven't had the chance to try it out. It is akin to making towel racks - so you could go to the local hardware store and choose any sort, metallic, wooden, etc.

You could paint them any colour and technically you should be able to install them on the backs of doors.

I think if you didn't want to put holes in the doors or walls you could hang them up with the backable and removable 3 M stickers. There are some really hard core ones out there.

If you are attaching to a wall you could do this in your bedroom behind the bedroom door, or in the garage, or hall cupboard.

Anyway I'm sorry I don't have a photo as I've not done it - but as soon as I am able I will do this and let you know how it goes.

5. Towel Storage

I personally like having my towels in the bathroom with me so that I can grab a new one whenever I like. however they do take up space.

Get some awesome flax baskets (or any type of baskets) and put them up on the wall like you would with images.

You could also put shelfing brackets up underneath the edges so that the baskets don't go all suicidal and drop all the towels off.

I also always roll my towels, they just seem to sit and store better this way.

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